Best place to get married in Europe

Best place to get married in Europe, and the loveliest Slovenia wedding venues?

Best place to get married in Europe? Best destination wedding locations in Europe are in Slovenia. This small  picturesque country offers wedding couples a perfect carefree day they will remember forever. It is becoming more popular because it simply has it all. Spaning a maximum of just a three hour drive from one another, visitors can visit sea beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, vineyards and castles in a single day, if they wish!

When it comes to a wedding abroad, the venue options are endless, and the planning process can be overwhelming. That is why your first task should be to hire an expert planner. They will ensure your special day is flawless, and assist you with all the legal requirements.

With a professional, the ceremony and reception will be organised to perfection. And nothing will get lost in translation. A local planner will know the locations, space layouts and vendors. She will also understand how to transform and rearrange the place to exceed your expectations and bring your dream day to life.

The best locations for a destination wedding are known for their variety, charm, enchanting views and incredible local cuisine. Besides the marvellous ceremony, they should also guarantee additional events for the couple and the guests after the big day.

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Why is Slovenia known for having some of the best destination wedding locations in Europe?

The best place to get married in Europe is hard to choose. Every country has glorious scenery and rich history and selecting the right one can be a difficult task. If you want to make your decision a bit easier, think about your dream wedding. Do you spend all of your free time kayaking on the river? Did you get mesmerized by the beach? Do you enjoy hiking and spending time surrounded by pristine nature?

If you are still not sure whether the lake, mountains or beach is the right choice, make a list of countries you like. And if you have never travelled there before, do not worry – Google them. When you have a list, check what they offer and see what catches your eye. If you want all the above, Slovenia is the right place. The small country in central Europe is known for some of the best locations for a destination wedding.

Lovely venues for every couple and all-inclusive services are available at a reasonable price. When selecting the destination, cost-effectiveness is something every couple thinks about. What most do not know is, that ceremonies abroad are more cost-effective than local ones.

The reason for that are the all-inclusive elopement packages and a selective guest list. Marriage ceremonies abroad are usually intimate, with fewer invitees. That means you will not have to worry about inviting a friend of a friend or an extended family you have not seen in years.

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Slovenia wedding venues and which are the best locations for a destination wedding?

Some of the best destination wedding locations in Europe are in Slovenia Wedding venues, especially castles, are often described as the most romantic. The popular ones for a wedding in Slovenia are Ljubljana and Bled Castle.

Medieval Ljubljana Castle offers enchanting views of the surrounding city and the snow-capped Alps. While smaller renovated halls are an ideal place for a civil ceremony, gorgeous larger halls ensure an excellent place for the reception. in either case, getting married in Slovenia ensures a fairy tale experience.

Majestic vistas of an old town will mesmerise your guests, who can also be seated in the castle’s spacious courtyard for the party. Castle Bled is quickly becoming the best place to get married in Europe. The mighty fortress stands on a remarkable rock above the lake, surrounded by the Alps and eye-catching views of nature. The stunning place features several historical rooms and even a wine cellar, which can be incorporated into your special day.

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