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Shredder knives and precision-made shredder blades for diverse applications

Shredder knives play a vital role in urban environmental protection. They are used, for the volume reduction, of industrial and municipal waste, such as plastic, tyres, copper, rubber, pulp, biomass, pallets, textiles, wood, paper, aluminium and even medical waste. The product range includes a rotor and stator knives, shredder blocks, fly and dead blades, hammers and much more. As shredder knives manufacturers, we create for brands such as Mewa, Lindner, Gross, Wagner, Weima, BHS, Barclay, Zerma and many others.

Shredder knives

Knives are available in a vast range of different steels and hardness. To enable optimal quality, they are custom manufactured for specific requirements of the process and waste materials. Individually designed blades optimise machine performance, lower costs, improve durability and maximise precision. First-rate steel undergoes heat treatment procedures, which ensure the best ratio between hardness and safety against cracking. Quality assurance is a result of a specialised machine park that allows us to obtain the best possible geometrical and dimensional tolerances.

Our non-destructive test laboratory allows us prevention of internal defects and minimising the risk of knife breakage. Ravne industrial shredder blades guarantee high productivity, precise gapping, reduced product loss and overall TCO. Total costs of ownership (TCO) were decreased by increasing service life by up to 100% and supplying our clients with better value in the long run. That ensures less machine downtime, elongated periods between knife replacements and lower resharpening costs.

shredder blades

How to prolong the life span of shredder blades and provide a safe work environment


Shredder knives are a key component in creating a safe work environment, as safety has always been a priority in the recycling sector. Choosing the right shredding technology for a specific application reduces the opportunity for fire, material flying out, sparking and other mishaps. Specially engineered technologically advanced solutions tailored to the manufacturing plant are, therefore more and more significant. Properly maintaining the equipment is another essential factor. Modern shredders are flexible, robust, efficient and more capable than ever.

However, that does not mean that routine cleaning can be avoided. Proper cleaning of shredder blades and surrounding areas of the machine is the easiest way to prevent any fire or hazardous risks. Regular maintenance will not only assure safety but will also improve the energy efficiency and longevity of the knives. But make sure you are careful. No cleaning or maintenance, should be done until the equipment is adequately tagged and locked out. In creating a safe workplace choosing a professional shredding manufacturer is crucial. Enquire about the materials, procedures used to make knives, safety standards, steel development, inspections, test and services. These factors will contribute to a powerful installation long into the future.

industrial shredder blades

Shredder knives manufacturers with long tradition provide much more than the highest quality products

Industrial shredder blades can vary in design, user-friendliness, materials and quality. If you want to guarantee the highest quality standards, it is necessary to select a manufacturer with a long tradition. At SIJ Ravne Systems, we provide clients with industrial knives, components and replacement parts for various industries. We ensure their equipment is upgraded and correctly maintained. Our engineering and metallurgical knowledge guarantees a:


  • A wide range of products and services
  • Exquisite technical support
  • Best product quality resulting in tight integration into the vertical chain from steel making to final products
  • An extensive range of inspections, non-destructive tests, and calibrations at accredited in-house laboratories

Shredder knives used in the industrial environment must be quick and effective. Quality materials and workmanship, are substantial for designing precision-made blades that wear longer, cut cleaner and offer optimal consistency. As a manufacturer with a long tradition, we take pride in our craftsmanship, and diverse experience, supplying quality materials and manufacturing blades that match your needs.

shredder knives manufacturers


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