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What Are the Different Types of Aluminium Foil Bags?

Which Aluminium Foil Bags Are Suitable for Which Products?


Aluminum foil bags and laminates are utilized for a variety of food packaging applications, depending on their thickness.

Aluminium foil is a common component of laminates and is widely used in food packaging. Its barrier function against the movement of moisture, oxygen, and other gases, volatile fragrance, and light is often higher than that of any plastic laminate material. As a result, where insufficient barrier characteristics are the limiting factor for food shelf-life stability, aluminium foil is used in the laminates. Aluminium-coated plastic laminates, which can be used instead of aluminium foil laminates, have less effective barrier qualities. Aluminium printed foil bags are also quite trendy nowadays, get yours soon!

Chocolates and sweets benefit from 10 to 12 µm films, whereas dairy products benefit from 30-38 µm films, which are used to package pudding, desserts, and yogurt. Aluminum foils of 50-70 µm, on the other hand, are ideal for marmalades and pies.

Aluminum foils are becoming thinner as a result of cost-cutting measures. In the previous two decades, the thickness of chocolate packaging alone has shrunk by around 30%.

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Are All Food Items Not Suitable for Bare Aluminium Foil Bags?


Yes, not all of them are suitable. The choice of a suitable packaging film aids in the optimal protection of the product and the extension of the minimum shelf life.

Aluminum foil, on the other hand, is only guaranteed if it does not come into contact with foods that are highly acidic or salty. Aluminium ions dissolve and flow into food when acid and salt are present.

As a result, using bare aluminium foils as packaging for the following products is not recommended for apple sauce, apple purée, stewed apples, tomatoes, rhubarb, sour cucumbers, salted herring, sauerkraut, marinades containing fruit acids or vinegar, and sliced citrus fruits.

Laminates, in contrast, are ideal for packaging those items. Composite films can be utilized with aluminium, as well. The food does not come into direct touch with aluminium because it is protected by a plastic barrier. Printed foil bags are also safe.



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