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Why Your Startup Needs a Security Token Offering Platform

Introduction to Security Tokens and Security Token Offerings

Security Tokens and Security Token Offerings are two types of security tokens.

Security Tokens are actual financial securities backed by something substantial like a company’s assets, earnings, stock, or revenue. As a result, if a firm issues a Security Token, investors who purchase them through a security token offering platform get equity and, in turn, dividend rights, as well as some business rights. Investors must also go through a compliance process that includes KYC/AML, verified investor checks, and other requirements.

Security Tokens can be thought of as “programmable ownership” or “programmable equity” in general, similar to Bitcoins (and other digital currencies) that are considered “programmable money.” Security Tokens could be programmed with features such as who can buy/sell (for example, only accredited investors) in which jurisdictions, dividends, voting rights, additional business rights, and various governance and compliance elements. In a word, Security Tokens transform capital rights into a technology that can be programmed with rules and executed automatically via a smart contract.

Security Tokens will be the catalyst for the next major trend in capital markets. In the same manner that cryptocurrencies are affecting cash, equity ownership will be impacted.

Who Can Raise Money With Security Tokens At The Corporate Level, And At What Stage?

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In general, any organization could use Security Tokens to raise funds. Naturally, organizations that have progressed further down the decentralization path will have an easier time of it.

  • Organizations with a decentralized structure (already using Blockchain technology and security token offering platform.)
  • Organizations that are transitioning from a centralized to a decentralized data source (Blockchain)
  • Typical centralized businesses.

Security Tokens can be utilized by companies at all stages, including Ideation, Early Stage (Seed, Post-Seed, Series A), and Late Stage, however, they’re most suited for firms in the Post-Seed / Series A and beyond. Vendors are better positioned to demonstrate revenue traction at this time and will be more ready to deal with the regulatory and legal challenges associated with Security Token offerings in general.

In other cases, Blockchain companies that were developed from the ground up with a decentralized design can easily launch their own STO.

To summarize, Security Tokens have many distinct advantages:

– They provide investors with liquidity through simple fundraising for the establishment of investment vehicles.

– They make it easier for enterprises to raise funds by removing regional restrictions to foreign investors.

– Security Tokens allow companies to tokenize their stock; making it a great opportunity for security token offering startups. This service is not limited to blockchain businesses.

– Enable investors from all around the world to participate and trade from anywhere.

– Ensure international regulatory compliance through the implementation of globally applicable KYC/AML procedures and checks.

How to Prepare For Your Security Token Offering

Before launching your security token offering (STO), make sure your concept is appealing to a wide range of investors. The following are the most essential principles that determine a token’s value:

  • Your company’s characteristics,
  • What role does your company play in the current industry?
  • The goal of your company and how it differs from other possibilities.


Every company that wants to raise money through a security token offering platform expects to get money from a variety of sources. With these first investments, the company may reduce its reliance on an IPO and focus more on the day-to-day operations of the company. When you reflect on your journey from Googling ‘What is an STO’ to seeking funds for your dream firm, you must maintain your composure and ensure that your company meets all regulatory standards and that you earn all the benefits as one of the security token offering startups. This will assist you in moving forward and ensuring that your STO is completed without further delay.


You must be certain about the technological stack that will be employed in your business offering before moving on to the last steps of your STO. Modern investors want to know which blockchain you’re going to employ for your token. When you realize that the type of blockchain and its effectiveness will appeal to your investors, you must pay close attention to the technology you choose.

Without a question, technology must revolve around the concept of user data protection and must be effective at it to become a market-leading product.


If you’re still planning to adopt blockchain in your business cycle soon (without a clear schedule), you’ll be missing out on the most successful bandwagon in tech history. Rather than spending any more time, you should learn more about blockchain and your security token offering projects to ensure that you can attract modern-day investors.

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